Resolution of pictures in custom PDF / Word template


The resolution of added pictures in a form is much higher in resolution in the default PDF than in our custom PDF / Word template. We added the pictures to our word template with the hashtag symbols.
What do we need to add to our template to make these images larger?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Angelo,

Mainly there are two reasons for loosing resolution between the default PDF and the customized Word / PDF.

The first one would be that most smartphones now offer to take pictures with a resolution of 12 Mega Pixels (3000p x 4000p). But at the other hand the pixels of the width of a Word document sees its limites at 700 Pixels.

The other point that could play a role in this would be the type of item tags used into your customized Word.
Whenever possible it’s preferable to use the Photo item tags as follows:
Instead of ##picture-200x200##:

  • ##picture-200x## and/or ##picture-x200## - should be preferred.

By clicking here, you will be redirected to the tutorial covering this subject.

Have an excellent day.


Hi Kurt,

I uploaded the photo through the web application and not with a smartphone.

I tried these tags but didn’t have an effect on the generated PDF.
The photos are low resolution and link to the full image online.

Thank you in advance.


Feel free to reach our support service as the Kommunity platform might not be the best place to discuss technical matters.

Have a great end of day :slight_smile: