Photo field calculation

Is it possible to create a calculation field to count the number of photos in the photo field when adding multiple photos?

Hello @ShaunFoy,

There is no functionality to count the number of photos taken in the Photo control.

Here is a solution to try: put in the table field, a photo field to drop a single photo, and a checkbox field.

Checkbox field by default checked and hidden.

Below the table field, the calculation field which will add the number of rows in the table thanks to the check box field and therefore the number of photos taken.

I hope this will help you.

Best regards,

Thank you Charles,

Unfortunately I can not use this method, my photo field is already in a table and we add multiple photos to the record in a particular line.

Would be great if you recommend this feature for future releases.

Best regards

Thank you for the feedback @ShaunFoy.

This feature will be studied by our development team.

Best regards