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Kommunity is an exchange platform open to all. We invite you to express yourself freely. Our discussion space offers you the opportunity to share tips and best practices related to the applications developed by Kizeo. If you wish to participate in the exchange or simply read the messages, you can do so by registering.

By drawing on your experiences, sharing and adopting best practices, we can work together to increase the capability of your teams and improve your results.

The Forum is moderated empirically

We trust our community! Based on this assumption, the Kommunity self-help platform is moderated empirically. The messages you post are published directly without any prior checking. Our moderators reserve the right to remove any contributions they deem inappropriate, inaccurate, published for commercial purposes, contrary to the laws and principles of this user policy.

Principles of use

By using Kommunity, you agree to behave respectfully and professionally towards all members and the moderating team. You undertake to avoid any inappropriate behavior: abusive, aggressive, defamatory language, etc… Above all, be « humane » and « understanding »: the web does not excuse everything!

Be pleasant, even if you disagree

Kommunity is a platform for expressing opinions open to all Kizeo customers. You are invited to express yourself and debate in a way that respects the opinions and rights of everyone.

We consider criticism to be positive when it is well reasoned. You have the right to disagree with someone. However, be careful to criticize ideas, not individuals. Provide counter-arguments that improve the conversation. To this end, please avoid:

  • insults of any sort,
  • to answer exclusively in CAPITAL LETTERS,
  • to respond to the tone of a subject rather than its actual content,
  • basic clashes.

We reserve the right to exclude from Kommunity, temporarily or permanently,any person whose contributions are in contradiction with the principles mentioned above. As a last resort, we may forward to the competent
authorities the documents posted on the forum if we consider it our duty to inform the authorities.

Let’s keep this space simple to understand!

To keep this platform comprehensible, we ask you to make the effort to post the topics in the right places. This way we can spend more time talking. We recommend that you do not:

  • start a topic in the wrong category,
  • post the same content in multiple discussions,
  • post messages without content,
  • divert a subject from its theme,
  • sign your messages (each message has information about the profile attached to it),
  • forget to ask yourself, before posting a message, if it is of value to the discussion.

To express your satisfaction with the messages published, we ask you to use the « Like » button rather than post « +1 » or « agree ».

What is well thought out is clearly expressed!

You can take as much time as you want to build your questions and/or argue your answers. For complex subjects we propose to:

  • proofread your comment several times to avoid typing errors,
  • check that the subject’s « keyword » appears in your answer(s),
  • use simple words: you will still appear to be a scholar,
  • prioritize your ideas: one idea per sentence, one sentence per idea.
  • avoid using acronyms without defining them.

By constantly raising the debate you can help us to make Kommunity the ideal space to progress together for the benefit of all.