Multi Language forms

Do you have plans to support multi-language forms ?
What is the recommended current method to manage common forms for use with multiple languages?

We have need of European wide common forms used by users in various languages however there needs to be a single instance of each form where field labels/text are displayed according to the users language

Hi David,

To date, there are no plans to implement multilingual forms.
You could either copy your form and translate the name of the fields OR you could duplicate the fields within your form and set up visibility conditions, see below:

Choice field (English Or Spanish?)

  • English field (will appear if choice is English)
  • Spanish field (will appear if choice is Spanish)

I hope you can work with that :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.


Thank you - we wanted to try and avoid duplicating the form or fields, but we will have to work with that for now. (A future solution similar to that in Microsoft Forms would be nice)