How does Kizeo accompany you in training and providing information on the transition to the new application?


The smooth functioning of your internal organization is our top priority.

We have put in place numerous resources to help you through the transition. Here are a few examples of the many actions implemented by our teams:

A training course has been set up for the new version of Kizeo Forms. We have some simple tips aimed at familiarizing your users with the new Kizeo Forms interface.

To make you discover the new features of the new version of Kizeo Forms.
◦ Some tutorials have been written
◦ E-mail campaigns have been sent to you since mid-February.
◦ Video material has been edited. Our managers, developers and customer advisors are available to answer your questions.
◦ Manuals to accompany the changes have been published. You will be able to transmit them to your teams.

Our support team will be at your disposal to accompany you through the change.

If despite all these elements prove to be insufficient, we will study all your other proposals. We are of course at your disposition!