Growing lists, adding custom data

hello everyone, i’m new… great job kizeò!
I was wondering if it’s possible to add custom data to a list. so far, both with the module’s own lists or with external lists, it seems that the values I insert are only definable when I design the module, is it so or is there a system to create lists, even only internal to the module, that can increase the selectable values?

Hi Davide,

Thanks! We are glad to see that the app is matching with your expectations :grinning:
Regarding your request, adding data in order to automatically update an external list can be done through our APIs and connectors. You can also put an « input field » to add the elements to your form manually.
Plase find below links toward our dedicated tutorials:

If you need further information about this topic, please send us an email to explaining your request in details.

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