Not able to choose pictures from device

Hi all, in a photo field I am trying to load pictures from the same device, but option does not appear when load the form… I am not seeing where should I to activate this… it is supposed to be possible according to field definition.

Hi Ricardo,

Make sure that you « allow the use of the photo gallery on the mobile phones ». In order to do that, you need to reach the Form Options, and select the Mobile Tab. From there, check the last option, at the bottom of the list.

Have a great day!


hi Bastien,

this is something I made sure was activated, but still not able to see the icon to load from device in the form :frowning:

I tried adding a new photo file to the form… it works, so basically I have to re-do all the photo fields I need to have the options to load from device… not sure if this is a bug or is the expected function.