Intervention report track time


I want to make an intervention report for technicians.
What we realy would like would be a stopwatch like timer that they could start when going to the client and can stop when ending work at the client.
Also in the report that is send to the client we would like to mention the time that will be billed.
This should allways be a minimum of 1 hour and after that 1 hour it should be rounded to the next quarter.
So let’s say the spend time is 33 minutes then it should mention 1 hour in the report that is send to the client, if the spend time is 67 minutes it should mention 75 minutes in the report that is send to the client.

How could we accomplish this?

Hi Jurgen,

The stopwatch feature does not exist as per this moment.
I’ve studied your request and think I found a way to make this happen.
If you are ok, can you please contact me directly at
It will be much more easy to share screenshots and explanation on how to get the end result you expect.

Looking forward to hear from you :slight_smile: